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Natural makeup days

Recently, many people have been asking me what my daily makeup/skincare routine is.  I was thinking about what to post and I thought that my basic makeup/natural makeup routine would be best to share with you all.  (I’ll save skincare for another blog post)

Being that I was exposed to the wonders makeup from a really young age, I’ve tested out/read about hundreds of different products and found the few that seem to work really well for me.  When I like a certain product, I stick with it for a long time…


FOUNDATION: I’ve found out (through many, many trials) that Makeup Forever’s High Definition foundation works best for me.  My skin type is combination type so I don’t want to wear anything too oily or too matte, and foundation is the perfect combination of both. It fulfills the name’s purpose by making my skin look high definition fresh and clean 24/7.


CONCEALER: I use a variety of different concealers to cover up different trouble spots but I was just introduced to this lifesaver recently. Benefit’s Fakeup under eye concealer upgraded my concealer game to the next level and always manages to covers up my sad dark circles. Also, the outer rim contains Vitamin E and apple seed extract so it leaves your skin feeling hydrated all day, and doesn’t dry out/leave your skin looking cakey like many other concealers do.


POWDER: Okay, this powder and I go waayy back. I know that many people are afraid to use powder because they’re afraid that it’ll make their makeup look too thick/cakey, but just trust me when I say Chanel’s Natural Finish Loose Powder will change your life.  It’s so light yet provides the right amount of setting so your makeup lasts all day. Plus, it has its own distinct scent too  🙂


LIPS: Moisturizing your lips is essential for everyday life because well, who wants to walk around with chapped lips?! Plus, if you decide to wear lipstick, it’s always better to apply it onto a slightly moisturized lip rather than a dry one.  I’m a big fan of EOS Visibly Soft Lip balm, not only because of it’s fun shapes, colors, and variety of different flavors — but because one swipe across your lips and it keeps your lips hydrated all day long.  (It’s not pictured here but I also use a natural pink colored tint on my lips to provide my overall look with some color.)

This was a run through of my everyday basic makeup and the products that I use.  I love discovering new makeup brands/products, so let me know what products you find work for you so that I can test them out too! 🙂

Chanel Cruise 2016

Two days late but it’s still worth a post. Sorry this post is so late. I was caught up in other work that I didn’t have time to post about this on the same day I posted about the MET Gala.  In case you didn’t know, the Chanel Cruise Show was on the exact same day as the MET Gala but that didn’t stop Karl Lagerfeld from hosting yet, another successful show.

hbz-chanel-korea-cl hbz-chanel-korea-gisele-bundchen hbz-chanel-korea-han-ye-seul hbz-chanel-korea-kristen-stewart

Celebrities such as Kristen Stewart, Gisele Bundchen, CL, Han Ye Seul (and more) all attended the show looking fierce, as always, in Chanel attire.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 4.51.20 PM

Let me just take a moment to mention how absolutely adorable Karl Lagerfeld’s grandson looked. He walked the runway sandwiched between Karl and Soo Joo Park, currently one of South Korea’s leading models.

Inspired by Korea’s traditional costume, the hanbok (한복), he added a modern flair yet still incorporated the traditional silk patchwork, high waisted dresses, and the iconic Chanel tweed jacket.

Chanel Resort 2016 chanel-r15-35 Chanel Resort 2016 Chanel Resort 2016 Chanel Resort 2016 Chanel Resort 2016 Chanel Resort 2016 Chanel Resort 2016Chanel Resort 2016 Chanel Resort 2016

These are just a few of my personal favorites from the show, but you can see the rest for yourself here.