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photoshoot fun

One of my closest friends is a film student at UCLA and we like to have fun, casual photoshoots every now and then 🙂 This time we took the pictures at a field inside of her school, but you probably wouldn’t have known it was her school because it’s such a gorgeous open space.  I love the way she takes pictures because each picture tells a story and allows your imagination to run wild.  Here’s a few from that day and I’ll be posting more/ a behind the scenes video later!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 2.14.49 PM


P1070009_edit 2



I look happy right? I was actually really scared to sit/stand on the branches in a lot of these pictures because of all the bugs and little creatures roaming around… You should also check out her Instagram.  She has lots of pictures of her eats and travels including this cute little snow monkey!

I wonder what we should do for our next shoot… Any ideas?